What is the external and internal structure of the earth ?

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What is the external and internal structure of the earth ?

It has been known for more than 2000 year that the Earth is round but we were able to actually see this much later only when we flew into space. the knowledge of why we do not fall all of from the Earth is much more recent. a journey as described by author Julius varni verna in his book journey to the centre of the earth was after all impossible only one thing was known the earth is made up of soil rock and water today we know that the Earth is also surrounded by an air cover gold the atmosphere.


What is the external and internal structure of the earth ?
What is the internal structure of the earth?

like an onion the earth has several layers The outermost layer the earth crushed has an average depth of about 40 kilometre. as compared with the diameter of earth which is around which is around 12700 kilometre. the earth crust is very small it is primarily made up of solid rocks below The crust is the mental reaching to a depth of about 2900 km. due to the the heat inside the earth the mental core consists of solid and molten rocks below the Mantle is the core made up of iron and Nickel. The deeper Travels inside the earth the hotter it is the temperature in the core is between 4000 and 5000 degree Celsius.

How do we discover inside the earth ?

caves and mines 2 km inside the earth. even the deepest Wells top of the world such as the 12 km Deep in the Russian Kola Peninsula 90 km Deep one in the upper palatinate hardly stretch the earth crust. one can look deep inside the earth in the aftermath of earthquakes by creating nuclear explosion the explosion generates sound and seismic waves . they also throw off Rock particle by measuring their intensity and timing scientist discover composition of Earth interiors.

How did we discovered that the Earth is round ?

About 3000 year ago ago People believe that the Earth was flat. but people wondered Why ship disappeared at the Horizon. soldiers to return from journey and where proof that ship did not fall of the age of the earth.The simplest explanation was the earth must be round the final proof come in the year 1922 after the the expansion of Ferdinand Magellan who was the first to sail around the earth.

 Why did we do not form of from the Earth ?

Gravity is the force of the earth that attracts every object  towards itself. from our prospective this force always acts act  it downwards. for a long time people did not believe that the Earth is round  because then the people underneath the spare would have actually fallen down. In 1687  a physicist Isaac Newton proved that The force Of gravity e always act towards the centre of the earth.On the earth the force of gravitational always acts Downward irrespective of Eskimos And Arctic region people in Europe or  inhabitants of Australia. 

What is the atmosphere made up of ?

 The word atmosphere Means a gaseous cover involving a planet. Without atmosphere life would not  have been possible on the earth: hello lo lo One fifth of the atmosphere is Season and four-fifths  is nitrogen. like the earth’s interior and the atmosphere made up of several layers all animals and plants live in the lowermost layer of the atmosphere called the troposphere even Aeroplane fly in the outer edge of the troposphere, the stratosphere,the mesosphere, the ionosphere and the exosphere lies above the troposphere.


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