Electroneum – Mining And Earning

Electroneum is a simple to use mobile cryptocurrency which allows you to mine free ETN with our remote mining experience.

There are two way to main ETN :-

  • Mine Electroneum with Computer.
  • Mine Electroneum with Android Phone.

Mine Electroneum with Computer

Computer Electroneum mining is similar to Android Electroneum app But huge difference in mining because computer Electroneum mining required good system requirement like GPU, CPU, and RAM. It was more profitable when mine in large scale but it may be loss in mine in small level because low configuration computer not get much total hash rate of all CPU cores.

The Least System Requirement for mining

  • Good Graphic possessor unit (GPU)
  • As possible Fast Processor (CPU)
  • Good Internet Connection

Electroneum Earnings

The Pending Balance is the number of ETN you’ve mined but has not been paid out yet. Once they reach the payout threshold (10 ETN), the ETN will be paid out to your wallet and will transfer to the Total Paid section. The Balance Paid out from official site.

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Mine Electroneum with Android Phone.

The most popular way to earn ETN through Android Phone. This type of mining is based on cloud mining performed by the official mobile app is only a simulation of mining, and not real mining. It is not way to earn huge money but good for extra income you can earn $3 – $5 monthly earning. It is not use huge RAM, CPU and internet data it is only work as simulator.

Get Bonus by Referral system

The referral system works on a commission-based system. For every user you refer, you get 5.00% bonus ETN based on what they are mining. In addition, your referrals will get a 1.00% bonus on top of what they mine when entering your referral code.

So for every 100 ETN mined by one of your referrals, you will receive 5 ETN, and they will receive 1 ETN as a bonus.

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